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Fiji - Yasawa Islands

An unexpected mullet, 31 Mosquito bites and no plans!

all seasons in one day 31 °C

So we left you on Mantaray Island where we were doing our diving course. We're happy to announce we passed! Keep this a secret though....I'm not sure anyone would fail.....Sette (the diving instructor) two days in a row forgot to meet us to do our afternoon dive school theory session...we keenly reminded him but he was on full time fiji time, I think he's more about the actual diving rather than the teaching! Anyway nobody drowned and we both know how to signal 'ok' 'up' & 'down' underwater.......what more do we need when 18m under water with a risk of the bends and lung explosion on the cards!! We've also made our own signals for shark, turtle, jellyfish and this is boring...all very necessary signals I feel! We also had to do a celebratory downing a can of beer from a snorkle with a mask on to complete our training. Patrick probably not so much, but I've managed to avoid any sort of beer bong activity through Uni and for the last 28 years up until now....


Now the actual diving was incredible to say the least. I can't really explain how great it was but a colourful tropical paradise of hundreds of fish and coral.....now I'm not sure about Patrick but if anyone has ever seen The Little Mermaid.....it's just like that! It also helps if you sing it in your head while underwater!
Luckily we saw a shark again and a guy who was staying in the same resort happened to be snorkelling over us when we saw it! He's got a great picture of us underwater scuba geared up and next to a shark from overhead!! Ill put it up when he emails it.

The food at Mantaray was the best, freshly cooked lovely Fijian meals. A lot of the food is Indian style and lots of Thai flavours too. Diving and eating made us really tired so we didn't really go out much (and actually if I'm honest everyone was 18 and we're not!) So lazy old lady syndrome struck again! Also it rained for 2 days so we were stuck in our little beach huts. I'm not sure how that's allowed in paradise but it did, we were like two bored kids for one of the days but we did manage to have some serious discussions about Australia and what we should do.....realising we are still homeless, jobless, with no midwifery registration through yet and actually having 10 days left in fiji not 7 like we thought. I also thought Pinapples grew on trees......apparently not we discovered in the gardens.


Mantaray island came to an end on the 4th day (sunny now....thanks!) and we headed off to Octopus Island on the recommendation of two of my friends for home who've been to fiji (thanks to them this was a winner). We got there full of beans and this really was what dreams are made of....absolute paradise beaches and extra attention to detail. There were lots of activities to partake in........of which we did! First Patrick put on his sulu as required for the night and i put some flowers in my hair and we went to the Fijian dancing night and Fijian dance we did!! I really like the Fijians....they are really really nice people. I also asked a local elder how they have their babies as there is no hospital on the island and she said they get in a boat ...when in labour and go across the seas to the hospital!! she said as expected lots of the babies end up being born in the boat!! Crazy!


That day it was spent at the beach and the pool....both within 50m of each other, learnt how to basket weave and generally lay around the place! That night we went to dinner and met Kate and Nick.....our new friends for the next 3 days! It was Saturday night and we polished off a good few drinks with them. Nick is a bricklayer too and they have been living in Australia for the last 14 months from the UK which was great as they had loads of tips for us especially as we were getting nervous about it being a week away that we were arriving! They were on their way back ad their visa had expired. They were a good fun.....he reminded me of Ricky Gervais and they were going to the same island as us next so we carried on the next part of the trip with them. Dinner and drinks with them again that night, some free lagers and a bit of Patrick teaching Irish dancing later we finished the night off pretty tipsy shall we say!! The next day we all cooked in the sun complaining like true Europeans that it was too hot and rolled around in our hangovers falling in the pool every now and again!
We unfortunately had to leave Kate and Nick that day as we were going back to Nadi on the mainland to plan the final week of our trip and they were staying on bounty island. Nothing especially good happened that evening, did our washing, had a medium dinner and crashed out!


The next day we made a vague plan to head to the coral coast which hugs the south coast of the main island. We don't ever really seem to have a plan and its worked so far! We got on a local bus which wasn't built for men of Patrick's height...knees up to his chin and head out of the windowless window we headed to get our connecting bus to the coast. We unexpectedly happened on a barbers when waiting for our connecting bus where Patrick in big need of a trim made a mistake of being caught off guard and telling the barber "I'll have what you've got" , surely not what you should say when the barbers hair looks nothing like your usual short back and sides......anyway he walked out with a Fijian mullet and he's apparently keeping it!!!!

As expected we missed our stop.....when a bloke on the bus says he'll let you know when to get off and you believe him.....you should always know it probably wont work out. Never mind...we got out when we realised we had gone too far and just stayed there. That's the beauty of Fiji...it just sorts itself out! The place we stayed in was a backpacker place but it was a bit boring so we didnt get up to much. However that night a mosquito had some serious hunger on and decided to bite me 31 TIMES!!! I had been using Mozi spray but not religiously and tonight he went to town when I had none....face, ears the works! The worst bit was being half asleep and hearing it near my head....knowing it was somehow getting in my sheets biting me even though I had tried to wrap myself in some sort of protective cocoon. Patrick's ever supportive sleepy response was......"You're imagining it....there's no mosquito in here just go to sleep"
The next morning was not a happy one!


I also think there must be a time like a marathon runner in everyone who goes travelling where you hit the wall and just get fed up of sharing showers, beds of other people, having a few clothes that aren't properly clean and not much of your own and I think we are somewhere around this stage after nearly 50 days of being away! Our next stop was Pacific Harbour and we sat down to make a plan for once for the remaining 5 days soaking up the last rays as its due to rain in our final days here. We're heading towards nadi along the coral coast at the moment not really sure how to spend our last few days.

Not long now and next stop will be Australia!


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31 bites!!! Christ. You need to get yourself a little spider friend. We have one in our room that we have nick-named pig and he eats all the bugs for us :)

When are we going to see a picture of Patricks mullet?! X

by The Michelle

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