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The next chapter

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A lot happened since I last wrote the blog and initially I wasn't sure if when I carried it on I should sugar coat it or tell the truth, I've gone with the later.
Patrick and I unexpectedly broke up which was devastating especially being far from home. Whether it was because we weren't right for each other, it was too much pressure moving, we weren't ready or 'other' who knows ! I think this happens to a lot of couples, i just really didn't expect it to happen to us. This was supposed to be our blog about our travels and about our journey in Australia but now it's taken a turn in the road so its about me and my journey! I put too much time and effort into recording these experiences so I wasn't about to give up writing it now.

I guess you have to go through these experiences to help you carve out what you really want . Even after the upset, horrible hurt, worry and anxiety one thing i had to make sure I did is pull my socks up and get on with it. I came here to see Australia and if there's one thing I know for sure........Halpins aren't quitters!!

So that's what I've done......

Ill recap the first 6 months of what I did.
Eventually found work as a midwife for an agency working irregular shifts at several public hospitals, used this to explore different hospitals and help me figure out the system pretty quickly. Got fed up of having unreliable work and wanted something more stable. Applied for 3 jobs, got them all (in delayed aussie response time) but picked Epworth a private hospital in the city and started a 3 month rotation on postnatal ward. Once the ball was rolling with work it was great but initially it was very difficult to get everything started with the Aussie laid back approach at getting back to you etc. Also December/January Australia is pretty much closed for Christmas so it's very hard to find work......particularly tricky when you've spent all your pesos on running around travelling!
Two flats over 6 months, one as hot as a sauna in 40 degree Melbourne, the other cold as snow as spring kicked in. Goldilocks has nothing on me!
Melbourne is FULL of fun stuff. Loads of amazing cool little bars and brilliant food. Free festivals and events galore. Hot as the sun in their summer. I was pretty broke in the first few months so the fun stuff was a slow build up.
Made lots and its easy to make friends as everyone is really nice and is happy to invite you places. Met some brilliant people who genuinely want to have a great time and have that great time with you! Also people from work were great, midwives have a certain kind of unity no matter where you go you'll always find people to get on with and who have a passion to talk a lot and for a glass of wine! A good few friends for life !
March was jam packed with visitors with the right honourable Mr and Mrs H paying an Australian visit, which we shared in Melbourne and a trip to the great ocean road before they went off on their own 'glampacking' tour of the East coast. Great to see your parents but I would love to do their visit again now I feel I know Melbourne soooo much better. Also a visit from my Besty Kate where we lived it up, wine toured, explored and put our big shiny green and gold stamp on paddys day....including an Irish dance off with some Australians. A visit from the incredible Chris and Michelle .....which all I can describe as drunken and feral! Although we did manage to see some AFL, Rugby, have a lovely eastern european dinner and get in a rooftop bar in winter! Chris also discovered the 'Keith Richards' cocktail.....you're only allowed three for obvious face wilting drug addiction reasons. It's my turn to grace NZ next!!










So I had been in Melbourne and had been living there for 6 months, although I was living a good life and had been to some other cities like Adelaide and Perth i was getting itchy feet. I didn't really come to Australia just to live in one place. I came to be a midwife, put on my explorer boots and see the place. So I resigned from my job disappointingly for them, after only being there for just three months when I was offered a job in Port Hedland on a three month contract to join the maternity team. This is in rural Western Australia which is a mining town essentially, and with limited internet information about the hospital and the surrounding area I've had a great time imagining what it will be like. What I do know is that accommodation is provided, they fly me there, the money is good and its more midwifery lead. I'm desperate for this as I feel like I'm de-skilling working in Melbourne. The town is small in relation to cities I'm used to but apparently has a gym, coffee bar, pool, food shops and more than one bar.....sold! What more do i need .....oh and it's sunny and hot. So I'm sat on the plane now....with a lot of miner traddies, regretting wearing jeans, trying not to feel too apprehensive and hoping there is internet!! I'm 90% excited. 10% nervous! Good odds I feel!

I left Melbourne a week ago as I wanted a little trip before I left so I decided to hire a car and drive the coastal road to Sydney. After I dropped the bombshell on everyone I was leaving in two weeks three of my girl mates said they were keen to come along for the trip too which was excellent!! So we drove from Melbourne to Eden where we had a lovely three bed house booked with a view to cook a nice dinner and relax with wine chatting over dinner. This isn't obviously how it played out. We arrived, stocked up on food and drink for the house for that night and went for a cheeky beer in the local pub. One of two, one for old people and one for country bums...we went for county bums. So thirsty from the long drive we accidentally drank three schooners in a hour on an empty stomach, feeling already tipsy we had a thrown together dinner and one bottle of wine between four before crashing out at 10.30pm......rock and roll!
Feeling obviously fresh the next day Kate and I watched the sun come up over the beach....beautiful. I instantly feel revived when there is sun and a beach.






So we pushed on for Sydney arriving there at 6pm with lots of laughs along the way. Sydney then consisted of a big night out, a nauseous trip to take back the car, lunch at a great pub The London, the famous bridge and opera house and then an amazing dinner at Ms G', highly recommend this!
The girls left early on Monday to go back to Melbs and i changed hotels to one nearer my friends Claire and Falloni who I couldn't wait to spend the next three days with. We took in Taronga zoo which was brilliant with great views from the ferry. Then on for a 'couple' of drinks in our party of four which obviously with the excitement of being reunited turned into sampling a lot of local pale ales and pub hopping around The Rocks! You can see how this trip is panning out! Well I am moving to the wilderness!!





The next day I met a friend in Surrey Hills and explored around there, quite like Angel I think. Had cheese and wine and then went out for dinner and drinks for Claire's birthday that night. In need of liver rest I was leaving the next day and we did a great big long walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach on the coast 6km which cleared the air so we rewarded ourselves with an Orchard Crush! Oops. Along the way taking in the local feature of 'The Holy Rail'.....legand has it that this local oddity is due to a man having an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the cliff edge during a particularly stormy night and since then it has become a shrine for visiting Catholics....even the flashy ones!!


I left Sydney for Perth on a five hour flight and chatted for most of the way, this was also not up to my previous Virgin Australia flight experiences! Not a touch screen movie or an internet songbook in sight.
Perth was 24 hours of sorting last minute stuff, chilling out, meeting up with my recruiter.....time well spent. Perth town centre reminds me of Leeds or Watford!

So I'm about to land now where everything will be very very different .........so until the next instalment. Wish me luck!

Ill leave you with a quote which I love and a link to a good blog article about moving abroad which summed up how I felt in some of the early months and might be good for others.

“If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.”
― W.C. Fields



Laura xxx

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Looks like you are now having a real adventure without any stress or " Baggage " . Well done! the places you have been look smashing am luvvin the photos, all your mates look like they are good fun, if I have a party for my 60th they are now formerly invited. I love reading your blog Laura you always make me laugh, you just have a way of putting things keep it up I am looking forward to the next installment. take care. Love you always. NETTY. x

by annettesmith64

LOVE this! Well done Laura for turning a crappy situation on its head and making the most of your time away. I literally cannot wait to read about the next leg of your journey-its like a good book where you can't wait to turn the page and find out what happens next so don't keep us in suspense for too long!

5 Things to check off in Port Hedland;
-Go for a fly in the flying doctors plane
-Become on first name terms with the coffee shop so they start to say "Having your usual Laura?"
-Ger serenaded by a miner/s
-Spot a kangaroo
-Start wearing a flanny of an evening when it gets chilly

Good luck x

by The Michelle

Hi Laura
Great to hear from you and loved the update. You look great and so glad you have ridden the storm and come out the other side. Some really great pics and commentary! You have done so much in a relatively short period of time so must be dead proud of yourself.
Looking forward to the next update.
Take care and enjoy!
All our love
Tricia, Michael, Ciara and Callum xxxx

by Tricia H

Ah thanks everyone for those lovely encouraging comments! What a great bunch of friends and family i have got. I feel really good lately. Loving Port Hedland so far...ill get the first week under my belt before I give the full run down......and hopefully I would have delivered my first outback baby by then!
It's all going very well so far though and it's sunny and around 28 everyday!! Poor weather man must get bored!
Laura x

Ps. Michelle - check off list firmly understood, I'm on it!
Point 4&5 I've kind of done. Yesterday morning I saw a kangaroo on the way to work..., turned out to be a plastic one though!!! And the other night I found myself wearing UGG boots and shorts! Nearly as bogun as a flanny!

by Halgerty12

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