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Festivals, spectacular moons and snakes

Now I really like a lot about this country but there are two things that really get to me.....flies and sausages!! Australians...your sausages are appalling!! I cant find decent sausages here. What is it that makes the skin thick and rubbery and the meat just not sausagey.....have a word! There are lots of things that you do better here as we all know with your sunny weather, great bodies and get up and go optimistic attitudes but sausage making is not one of them. Take yourselves to England and have a lesson and your snags will be a much better treat to grace the BBQ!

And flies! The flies here are a different breed....in England you 'shew' a fly and they take the hint and get lost.......here not a chance. They would happily land in your eyeball or your mouth without so much of second thought and there are loads. My friend thinks its ridiculous that I'm so bothered by this, she also now things British flies are lovely and polite....bit like the rest of us yeah?!
Two other things I've realised. Aussie girls think very highly of British men.....they think they're really well dressed, well mannered and thoughtful! This makes me feel proud but I best advise them to give Watford a miss if they come for a visit! So british men reading this planning a trip to Australia you'll be well sought after just wear nice shoes and say thank you! Secondly there are a lot of Aussie guys who wear massive wide brim baseball caps, barely there wifebeater vests, shorts and thongs (flip flops). They have tattoos and are really muscley. These boys are apparently known as 'Turbos'.....I absolutely love this collective name for them and I'm going to use it as much as possible! Quite the contrast from our well dressed British boys then!
I hate to tell you this but I've also found myself dropping some Aussie sayings in ....instead of "oh really" to express surprise at something I keep saying 'far out' and 'aye' at the end of sentences!! To help correct this Ive downloaded a box set of only fools and horses me old chinas....lovely jubbly! It's working, my kiwi friend keeps telling me off for not pronouncing my t's......."pass me the butta Del Boy"
A fly has just flown IN my coffee cup.....get out!!!

I went to the music festival which was really good. Missed two of the bands I wanted to see unfortunately, when they said it starts at 2pm they really meant it STARTS at 2pm!! Was good to get out and get meeting more people and not just other midwives!! Made quite the little set up for myself. Made a dent in some ciders, had a good dance and realised bundeburg rum is Yuk!

Had some beautiful beach days near pretty pool too and even had a swim. Still haven't seen any crocs, sharks or snakes though. It's funny how you adapt though you never think you would have to contemplate a meeting with a snake when out. I read an article in the local echo which was saying its snake time as its getting hot and 10 things you should do to help you avoid snakes. I think I knew 4 out of 10 ! Bloody Pom!
Things I haven't done....don't run through the light undergrowth, check your laundry basket i have however looked in front of my feet when running....handy that! I have however followed a tip and checked my shoes for spiders if i've left them outside (thanks Alex F)!

Last week Friday night armed with a nice bottle of Sav Blanc my friend and I went down to the beach to watch the 'Stairway to the Moon'......this was so amazing I was blown away. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic that day about going but I'm so glad I did. It's basically an optical illusion where a super moon happens once a month and where the tides go out so far it leaves the mud flats rippled. When this moon rises its huge, bright red then as it gets higher it reflects in the mud ripples to make it look like stairs that you could walk up to the moon. We sat at the beach with our wine in hand with not too many other people around and everyone was deadly quiet when it happened. I've guess I've never seen the moon come up...it always just is up there in the sky which sounds a bit silly but in the city it's just there! The stars up here are amazing too, unspoilt clear sky! I couldn't get any good pictures because my little digi camera wasn't up to it. But just beautiful!!
So this is the google link:

This weekend I'm on my way to Broome which is apparently where the desert meets the sea, a beautiful town where pearls come from, with an amazing beach and a bit more civilisation. Its a 6 hour drive away East through the bush! Its also grand final AFL weekend which has the whole of the country in a fluster. Hopefully there won't be too many hooligans around ....including us! I'm not bothered by AFL and its sooooo long 2hrs! The best thing about it is the players big arms....give me a rugby game any day!

So ill write again next week after Broome. Just stopped in a service area 100k up the road and bumped into a new mum I've looked after for the past few nights. 5 day old baby and she's off to Broome for the weekend too. These good WA women are made of steel!!

I can still safely say I still really love it here!! Happy as Larry. Next time ill have details about what comes next just putting all my ideas into action before I make my press release. I'm also going to blog a specific Midwifery blog I think as well because when I was coming up here I couldn't find much from people about working here.


Laura xx

Ps. Sausage rolls on the other hand are a huge step up from home!


Posted by Halgerty12 22:47

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Laura, good news...sausages in New Zealand are off the hook ;) x

by The Michelle

Hey Laura, Australians would not eat what's in our sausages even from Waitrose !!! . Sounds like you have done Port Hedland and are much happier and even ' richer ' for it. The location has really suited you. Laughed about the flies I hate them too. Stay safe my princess XX

by annettesmith64

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