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Beer, beaches and big plans.

So a weekend with the girls was in motion when i last blogged. I wrote the last entry in the back of the car of a long long 6 hour drive. On the way looking out the window it was pretty spectacular sights in some senses, although not much action to be seen the unbelievably long roads through the flat burnt orange dirt landscapes lined with hundreds of huge termite mounds were mesmerising in themsleves. We had pretty much driven straight there except for a fuel and a sausage roll stop and arrived at our villa early afternoon just in time to get to the shops stock up on drinks and food ready for the weekend. Our villa was amazing. Its been ages since i stayed in a really nice place. We had a three bed villa mine was ensuite as i was the oldest...some benefits of being older i guess. Huge lounge, tv, patio and kitchen with island and all mod cons. I was delighted that there was a bath, i cant remember the last time i had a proper bath!! It was amazing. I had a little creatures pale ale to accompany me, with a magazine and some music just pricelses when you havent done that in so long! 748E99492219AC68175FB4BDFA58EFFB.jpg749480C82219AC6817001194327507DB.jpg749989972219AC681719131C064F442F.jpg

The little things in life!! So after my dip we went out to Matso's brewery for dinner and drinks. The local brewery where you can eat drink and be merry. I started off with a paddle of taster beers, six including chilli beer, mango beer, smokey dark lager and pale ale and if anyone has seen that episode of absolutely fabulous where eddie and patsy go wine tasting then that was me......"oh no this is the one, oh no this one."..chopping and changing my mind like my life depended on it.

So after our starter of beers we sat for dinner and i had a brilliant meal, pork belly with polenta mash all washed down with a couple of glasses of tempranillio! Perfect start! Then like an OAP bus tour we went to bed......at 10.30pm!!! I blame the long drive! I loved this place, i would go back again and again. Great food and outstanding beers...brewed right there on the premises which most importantly means ...they can never run out!!!

Fresh up the next day we cramed in a lot to the morning, breakfast al fresco at the villa, a walk round the local markets which as well as anything tie die and made of hemp had a great display of art and some incredible streetfood. Broome is famous for pearls so a great part of the markets were taken up with pearl style jewellery and the like. Then a trip to the famous Cable Beach which was just amazing, the pictures say it all. White sand, clear blue water, no sharks!

We had planned to go to the bar to watch the AFL but as previously mentioned i wasnt too worried so we ended up by the pool and then having drinks at ours talking with half an eye of the footy, enough to see the end Hawks celebration. The rest of the day was spend out, making up for lost time the night before. $10 cocktails in one place followed drinks in a more rustic tavern where we paid $35 to see a band which were a 4/10! The night was great though lots of laughing and meeting people. We got invited to a party in the bush.....yes that sounds bad doesnt it, we didnt make it my sensible head got the better of me and invisaged being stranded somewhere in the dark! In rural WA the liqour licences make places close really early so most bars have to shut at midnight, good in some senses but not in others when all the lights come up and thats it party over. So from what ive heard people tend to throw partys just in the bush somewhere away from the town. Its ok in terms of partys i think ive prob got enough under my belt to warrant missing out on one however im still intregued!

The next day the only thing that was going to cure our blurry head was a dive in the sea. So shoeless we jumped in the car and drove round the corner to the beach. It was right up there with one of the best swims of my life and the sun was delicious! We had a nice breakfast at home, and with a lie by the pool, a wander round town and several jugs of water by 2pm we were back in the game. In the afternnon we went to Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. Im told Malcolm was the original Steve Erwin and devoted his time to crocodile protection and documentary making but unfortunately also died in a freak accident way too young.
I LOVED this park, i cant tell you how brilliant this was. Crocodiles, loads of them, in a park being fed chickens......brilliant!!
This made up for all the times i've thought about crocodiles and hoping to not unexpectedly see one in Port Hedland. They are huge and crafty! They lurk around under the water and stalk the prey. Not fussy about what they eat they are the Jaws of the reptile world. I was so impressed and the photos tell you all, big powerful bites and so quick to snap you. I even got to hold a 1 yr old one from the crocodile dundee looking tour guide after patiently waiting for a 'considerate' loud American lady to barge in front of me with all her bags....they dont do themselves any favour when abroad do they!

That park made my day! I've also been inaugurated into Australia now as I own my very own stubby holder! This is a really big deal! That night we watched the sunset on Cable Beach and then went for a steak dinner and red wine drinking and much laughter to round off the day.
The next day it was Monday and that was it Broome had come to an end, gutted i could have done with another day at the pool. So we packed up and headed out for a last minute brunch before the long drive and next time i want to go for a week. However if you do go, take plently of money its not cheap! We shared the drive home and made it back by 6pm just in time for me to have a 2hr lie down before i had to work a night shift...error!
I loved my weekend in Broome so much, a beautiful place in this rugged landscape, brilliant fun and its always nice to get out somewhere new. Definately recomend it

So back to reality and in need of a healthy week life goes on. I did however manage to squeeze in a charity fundraising quiz night followed by Sunday attempting to be taught how to fish! Really into this only if I can eat what I catch, I'm a hunter gatherer when it comes to things like this, putting it back is not an option! Well I lasted all of around an hour because it was 38 degrees, there was no wind and it was noon.....error from David my fishing 'teacher' who knows full well I'm a pasty ginger. I did manage to catch two rocks though! We will be going fishing again but this time morning or evening please! Fishing abandoned we went to the pool all day, then popped home and bought Glastonbury tickets for next year as you do followed by the NRL final at the pub, a pizza and a movie. What a boys day out!

This week I also had another lovely birth at work....that's 5 Aussie babies now in the last few months. Plus I've also been trying to teach myself more things while its quiet at work. I can't believe it's been a year this weekend that I left England! How life has changed and for the better. Less stressed, happier, healthier and braver! Time really does fly. So with that in mind my visa was coming to an end in December so I needed to make a decision about what to do next. Having been thinking about it all for a while the thought of going back to cold winter England just doesn't appeal to me yet, as much as my patriotic heart will always be in England's green and pleasant lands and my friends and family are there, I'm just not ready to stop exploring yet. There's more babies to be birthed and more fun to be had in this amazing corner of the world. So here it is:

Im finishing up in Port Hedland mid November and hoping to drive down to Perth stopping at coral bay for a bit of diving with the Manta Rays. This will be a really really long drive, something like 20 hours in total!! After that ill fly back to Melbourne for the remaining two weeks to see people and Alex and I are going to see Fleetwood Mac! Then at the start of December ill leave for Auckland NZ to join my good pals Chris and Michelle. I'm planning on staying in NZ for the time being and am currently organising work over there which thankfully now I'm in neighbouring Australia is actually a bit easier. Michelle, Chris and I have arranged a Christmas extravaganza with hopefully some other people who we've invited along the way which I really really can't wait for. Christmas we'll be in Coromandel at a beach house we've booked for around 5 nights then New Years 9 nights in Lake Taupo where there is an array of activities to do, everything from prawn fishing (i will be eating these) to natural hot springs! We're outdoors kind of people I like to think so as long as we don't drink too much wine this is going to be a serious adventure!! After that Chris unfortunately for him has to go back to work so Michelle and I will be embarking on an 'ON TOUR' style journey around parts of the north island. I like to think this will involve exploration and relaxed civilised luncheons in wineries but those of you who know The Michelle and I.....well we'll see ...watch this space! Hopefully some of our Brit friends are coming to NZ in January too but nothing set in stone yet. After the NZ extravaganza I'm aiming to meet 3 pals from home in Vietnam for two weeks of travelling before coming back to NZ to start work in Feb, so that's the plan so far! I love Australia and I'm not looking forward to leaving in many ways but I'm leaving the door open to come back depending on what happens. No plan is sometimes a good plan. I'm planning on coming home next year for the whole of May when ill be 30 (yuk) and maybe now Glasto too.....the logistics of this will have to be worked out at a later date! I've decided after telling all my other friends to stop worrying its just a number I'm actually not keen to be 30 so I might just stay 29.....really who's going to know! People say 'oh your 30's are so much better you don't feel so fretful like your 20's) I'm suspicious, to me this just seems like a sweetener! Anyway so with denial of ageing in my mind ill carry on my adventures!

It's going to be Halloween here soon which will be odd....spooky fancy dress in 36 degrees!! Ill love you and leave you I'm off for a run before it gets too hot and to enjoy my day off today at the beach!

Big Love as always

Laura xx

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