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two old ladies in fluffy dressing gowns and a tropical sea.

sunny 32 °C

So a few days ago the adventure finally began! After way too many goodbye drinks after over the last few weeks, the hardest most emotional goodbyes we've ever had to say and a bit of packing anxiety we got the plane to Mexico! The flight was rubbish Virgin airlines have let themselves go....TV's didn't work (tell Sam I couldn't watch hunger games even after a lot of disappointed head shaking to the cabin crew manager) the food was rubbish but on the upside I was sat next to a guy who must have been a London cabby so while Patrick slept we moaned about everything like true Brits! 10 hours later and two wins from me on trivial pursuit we landed. Patrick nearly had a small kitten when his bag still hadn't come through the conveyer belt after 45 minutes....he was weighing up the possibility of how he might look in a bikini if it had got lost, luckily we bumped into london cabby man again and resolved the issue with a big old moan!

Both shattered by the time we got to the airport and Patricks nicotine levels though the floor we arrived at the fancy hotel. Room was incredible defiantly worth the upgrade.....white fluffy dressing gowns folded on the bed with a bottle of sparkly wine chilling in a cooler. Now when met Patrick I though I had met a strong Irish builder, a real mans man.......the kind of man who wouldn't be seen in a white fluffy dressing gown.....or so I thought! 3 days later the fluffy white dressing down is firmly on his back only to be reluctantly removed for dinner or swimming!!
We hadn't contemplated the thought we might get jet lag but woke up at 5am wide awake, had a coffee (that always helps to get you back to sleep obviously) and Patrick ordered a club sandwich from room service just because we could for free. We watched the sun come up, I went to the gym and then we proceeded to get lost in the hotel many times throughout the morning as it was so big. Got all the important things out of the way like where all the bars were, which one stayed open the latest and what restaurants there was. To follow on with the fluffy dressing gown theme we both went for massages that night in the spa pinching ourselves that we were actually in this great hotel with all these added extras thrown in!
Day 2 and 3 rolled out to be quite similar.... Displaying our milky white paddy skin to all the brown Mexicans via the pool and the beach. The beach is one of the loveliest I've been to....when the brochures say white sand and crystal clear warm water they weren't lying!

There are seven restaurants to eat at which you have to book the day before we started with Mexican (our favourite one so far) chilli sauce as hot as the sun and margaritas as big as your head. Italian the next day bit disappointing which we made up for in wine and Capricosa cocktails and then French last night (apparently romantic....some torn up carnations on the table courtesy of Jose the waiter!) and some more sparkly vino.

We've both become very competitive over any game we've played so far....cards, trivial pursuit, mini golf and snooker.... It's pretty neck and neck on scoreboards but for some reason Patrick seems to think otherwise!! I would like to thank my uncle Jim for teaching me putting skills in the living room which I put into good practice on the 18 hole mini golf course....it was neck and neck all the way resulting in us having to go to sudden death penalties for the decider....after a replay of holes 1 & 2 Patrick won even if he did annoy the mini golf owner by hoofing the golf ball into a corner 5 holes away which ended up in a sewer drain......quite a skill in itself I feel!!

So all in all we've lazed around, surprisingly not drank that much even after we went on a boat trip where they forced us to drink red tequila. We're very relaxed like two old ladies on the annual vacation who's biggest decision is whether to go to the beach or the pools. Patrick has found his inner child again on two fully blown water slides at the hotel.....hilarious video to follow!

Tomorrow we're hiring mini speed boats on a tour we've booked where he's going to be James Bond and ill be a Bond girl and we get to zoom through the jungle lined lagoons and stop off for snorkelling in a coral reef.....Patrick assures me he'll drive smooth and sophisticated like James Bond.....somehow I don't believe him!!

Photos to follow we need to upload them from the camera but we don't want you to get too jealous just yet!

Having a fantastic time......we're off now to make the daily deliberation of whether we really need a second plate of dinner.....it like the all the other times will no doubt result in 'yes we do'

Lots of love to everyone

Laura and Patrick
X. X

Ps. Saw my first ever shooting star!

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Sounds like it was quite lucky that Patrick didn't pack many things so he can now fit his fluffy white robe in his bag and take it on your journeys with you!

I am so jealous about all of this...massages, buffets and 32 degree heat are all things definitely in my top 20.

Keep the blogs coming x

by The Michelle

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